Even though he thinks what people say it’s cliche, twin known each other better than anyone, and Doug knows what TJ’s expression means. He knows each one of them very well. Seeing he was okay actually brings him relief. Despite being surrounded by family members, and all his stash thrown away, Doug couldn’t help but think in what if’s scenarios, and flashbacks from every time he went after TJ’s help call. He prefers staying in silence, waiting for his brother to speak, before coming again at him.


A deep sigh it’s all that escapes Doug’s lips, as he crosses his arms over his chest, trying to remain calm. “Busy, huh? Doing what exactly? Nana said you spend most of the time in your room ─Don’t lie to me, TJ.” The last words are said in a slight louder tone, making it obvious he’s not buying his brother’s shit.

TJ lacked the social finesse that the rest of his family possessed, something they had all honed in their political endeavors. Lying to Doug—-in most, if not all cases was useless. The addict wasn’t the best liar to begin with, trying to avoid the truth with someone that knew him as well as Douglas was, well—-impossible. His eyebrows rise and knit together, he practically scowls in response to the question he’s been thrown.

Doing what exactly, he falters, unsure of how to respond. Much of his time had been spent in his room, he couldn’t deny that. Living with your mother wasn’t cool when you were thirty, he’d voiced his opinions on this matter. Though, he’s well aware he has no one to blame for his situation but himself. Thomas tucks his hands into his jean pockets and avoids his twin’s gaze for several moments. It wasn’t that easy, he’d stayed sober—-for the most part. Most of his time had been wasted watching television, when he did leave the house it was to get laid. He doubts Douglas will believe him. “I’m not lying,” his eyes narrow into a soft glare.

                               “I’m just trying to figure things out, y’know?”

First Verse of Female Robbery “I think I found hell" - Last Verse of Female Robbery "I think I found love" | by The Neighbourhood


                                                           oh I

                                                         k n o w

                                                          I’d still


                                                     you with your

                                           hands around my neck 


Darling, I’ve got a




                                      in getting myself into really bad situations

I’m basically not going to get anything done today.


    [ just absent mindedly playing. nothing that’s true. ]



[ He stares, his gaze held low. ]

           I can’t tell if you’re actually trying to play something,
                                   or if you actually know what you’re doing…


When the first interaction is already giving you feels, you can officially say it has been a bad idea.

Side eying americanpunchline so hard right now. 

Screeches at sky.

F A V O R I T E   C E L E B R I  T Y  M E M E ; sebastian stan [3/5 outfits]

which person in your otp sticks their cold hands on any of their partner’s exposed skin